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One of the main objectives of CELOS is to strengthen research activities in the field of Lasers and Optoelectronic Sciences and to build them to a level of competence comparable with international standards. UGC has made a budgetary allocation of Rs. 35.456 million towards the research & development activities at the Centre.

As approved by the Expert Committee of the UGC, CELOS has established a National Facility centered around “Tsunami” a Spectra Physics make Ti:Sapphire pico/subpicosecond laser system with an amplifier. "Tsunami" is pumped by 5W “Millenium” diode pumped solid state laser. The output from the "Tsunami" seed laser is further amplified by "Spitfire" a chirped pulse amplifer which is pumped by "Empower" a 30W Q-switched DPSS Nd:YLF laser. The final amplified ultrashort pulses have 70 femtosecond pulse duration and an energy of ~ 2.5mJ per pulse at 1KHz repitition rate.

Femtosecond laser system

Research activities have been initiated by CELOS in the fields of Optical Fiber Amplifier, Fiber Optic Sensors, Photonic Materials, Microwave Photonics, Laser produced Plasma, Nonlinear Processes, Biophotonics and related fields.

At present CELOS has positions for two Research Associates, two Senior Research Fellows and four Junior Research Fellows.