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Photonics is the technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is a photon. In addition to a good theoretical foundation of optical phenomena, the subject includes the technology related to emission, transmission, detection, amplification and other forms of manipulation of light using optical components, systems and devices. Lasers , fibre optics and related optoelectronic systems form an integral part of photonics. In short Photonics is the science and technology for harnessing light for various beneficial human activities. Numerous consumer items using photonics technology have already started to enter our daily lives as in a CD player or TV remote control.

Laser Application

The era of photonics began with the invention of laser in 1960, and it made a direct impact on telecommunications with the perfection in the late 1970s of low loss optical fibers for long haul under sea and terrestrial communications. Photonics technology steadily penetrated into other industrial as well as military applications. 

Theoretically, almost any physical or environmental parameter can be measured using light, and consequently quantities like temperature, strain, electric current, vibration, chemical and biological pollutants can be accurately measured using a wide range of ultra sensitive optical sensors which haveevolved in recent times. Another growing area is biophotonics, where photonics technology is used to develop new procedures and techniques in biotechnology, microbiology, medicine, surgery and other life sciences. Photonics has a strong reputation of solving research problems through advanced spectroscopy, lasers, microscopy, and fiber optic imaging. The use of light in meeting the demands of society's growing needs is just beginning. The use of light will most certainly and dramatically change the quality of almost every aspect of our daily lives!!